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Magnet tops the Netflix ISP Speed Index for 2013

Latest Netflix ISP Speed Index results sees Magnet come out on top for the eleventh month in succession

The Netflix speed index shows that Magnet is still a considerable way ahead of the competition when it comes to internet streaming.

The company can celebrate a year at the top of the pile if it remains there in February, while its performance according to the index experienced an overall increase throughout 2013.

The Netflix Speed Index tracks the speed of Netflix streams across various ISPs in countries throughout the world. The overall speed ranking results are reflective of the streaming experience of Netflix users.

The index itself does not measure the actual broadband speeds that are on offer from the individual providers.

According to the last round of results in December, Magnet was 0.4Mbs quicker than its nearest rival in terms of streaming, although eircom and Digiweb have cut the gap slightly from November.

2013 in review

After beginning 2013 with an average speed of 2.01Mbs, Magnet overtook UPC in February and ended the year with average streaming speeds of 2.39Mbs.

This puts clear distance between Magnet and their nearest rivals – eircom, Digiweb and Vodafone all have average streaming speeds that are 1.98Mbs or lower.

UPC and Imagine are further back on their rivals, experiencing speeds of 1.69Mbs and 1.55Mbs respectively in December.

The period between May and June saw the largest increase in streaming performance in 2013, while speeds increased for nine continuous months before stalling in October.

However, all providers experienced a reduction in speeds that month while Magnet speeds have gradually increased again to return to the levels previously experienced.

Magnet speed data from Netflix speed index

A popular alternative to TV

Netflix is gradually increasing in popularity and has more than 40 million members across many different regions of the globe.

It has seen a rise of around 10 million customers in 2013 and offers an alternative to TV as all programmes are available on demand.

The company took less than six months to exceed one million customers in the UK and Ireland after entering the market in January 2012 – a sign of its immense popularity.

Of those, more than 150,000 are subscribers in Ireland and that figure continues to rise, while more than one billion hours worth of content are streamed every month via the site globally.

For avid Netflix fans in Ireland, the ISP Speed Index rankings could go some way towards influencing their choice of broadband provider.

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