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Magnet tops the Netflix ISP Speed Index for fifth month running

Magnet recorded average speed results of 2.37Mbps in June, solidifying its position as the fastest internet provider in Ireland according to the Netflix ISP Speed Index

The Irish internet service provider first reached the top spot on the Speed Index back in February, and has remained there ever since. According to the Netflix ISP Speed Index, Magnet’s average speed for last month was 2.37Mbps – the highest speeds recorded so far this year.

Magnet’s average speed has grown month-on-month since the start of the year, from 2.01Mbps in January to 2.37Mbps in June.

Magnet has outperformed all other broadband providers for the last five months, recording a speed 0.5Mbps higher than its nearest rival Digiweb in June.

The majority of other broadband providers in Ireland have increased their speeds month-on-month, according to Netflix, with Digiweb, eircom and Vodafone all performing well. UPC, on the other hand, has fallen from top of the Speed Index in January, with an average speed of 2.09Mbps, to fifth in the rankings last month, with an average speed of 1.72Mbps.

Netflix ISP Speed Index explained

The index measures broadband speed performance from customers around the world, using the service on a range of devices, to determine which service providers have the best Netflix performance.

The average speeds are far lower than peak performances than what most consumers would expect, which is down to the encodes Netflix uses to deliver its service and the variety of devices which consumers use to access content.

“Those factors cancel out when comparing across ISPs, so these relative rankings are a good indicator of the consistent performance typically experienced across all users on an ISP network,” Netflix has said.

The fact that Magnet is once again the fastest broadband provider in Ireland according to the index, is good news for a provider which recently revamped its super-fast fibre broadband offering. Magnet launched two new super-fast broadband services,

Fatpipe 70 and Fatpipe 24 , in May to make use of Ireland’s expanding national fibre network. A near-full fibre service will be operational in Ireland by 2014, which Magnet says will allow it to offer a ‘fibre all the way’ service to its customers. Some 250,000 homes will initially benefit from the Fatpipe 70 service roll-out, which offers speeds of up to 70Mbps, while the Fatpipe 24 service offers speeds of up to 24Mbps. Both services are set to be expanded as Ireland’s fibre optic network continues to grow.

This should help Magnet maintain its position at the top of the Netflix ISP Speed Index for some time to come.

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