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Meteor launches new 4G student mobile broadband plans

Meteor has announced a partnership with HEAnet, which offers students studying at third level, along with staff teaching at primary, secondary and third level across Ireland, new and improved deals for mobile broadband.

The new partnership gives students the choice of a flexible 30-day SIM only offering, as well as 6-month contract which includes a 4G mobile broadband device.

Plans include 25GB of data for €9.99 per month, or 50GB of data for €19.99 per month.

The 6 month plans include either a 4G mobile broadband dongle or WiFi hotspot with access to Meteor’s 4G mobile network. Customers can also avail of SIM cards, which can be used in any unlocked mobile phone.

Meteor’s new offerings will be available exclusively to the 180,000 students attending the universities and colleges across Ireland, as well as the 50,000 primary, secondary and third level teachers in Ireland.

Kealan Donoghue, Head of Product at Meteor, said “Meteor will be providing students with competitively priced, reliable mobile broadband offers plus access to Meteor’s 4G network to help them navigate successfully through academic and social life - both key parts of being a student.”

His words were echoed by John Boland, Chief Executive of HEAnet, who recognised the financial stress many students are under, and committed his company to assisting students and staff for years to come.

He added, “At HEAnet we are committed to providing affordable e-infrastructure platforms to support our education and research community.”