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Mobile internet usage soars by 67% worldwide

StatCounter reveals Irish mobile and tablet usage rising steadily since April 2014

The use of mobile internet has increased by 67% globally in the past 12 months, according to StatCounter.

The independent website analytics company showed that the desktop remains the most common means to access the internet, yet mobile internet usage has grown rapidly.

On a global scale, a desktop is used to access the internet in 64.6% of cases, while that figure has constantly declined since April of this year.

Meanwhile, mobile usage has increased from 17.1% to 28.5% in the past 12 months, while tablet usage has also increased in that period, albeit more slowly, rising from 4.8% a year ago to 6.8% in August 2014.

“Mobile usage has already overtaken desktop in several countries including India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia,” said Aodham Cullen, chief executive of StatCounter.

“All indications are that this trend is set to continue, which creates new challenges and opportunities for businesses globally.”

The situation in Ireland

Mobile internet usage in Ireland stood at 24.37% in August 2014 and despite being below the global average, it has risen steadily from 18.1% in April.

Meanwhile, tablet usage has also accelerated, rising from 9.66% in April to 11.7% in August – considerably above the global average for tablet use.

To coincide with these increases, desktop usage in Ireland has declined from 71.42% in April to 63.47% in August, marginally below the global average.

StatCounter tracks more than three million websites to record the data, taking into account more than 15 billion page views.

Mr Cullen also added that tablet data might be skewed due to the rising number of larger screen smartphone devices that are on the market.

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