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Netflix announce further price hikes

The change will affect Irish Netflix subscribers from August 2016.

Netflix have announced that their prices will be rising for certain users, as their legacy pricing for long-term subscribers comes to an end. The price hike will affect customers across Ireland and the UK.

The US based company currently has around 200,000 subscribers based in Ireland, across a variety of price plans, the most basic being their one-stream system which costs €7.99 per month.

New customers to the service will now be charged €9.99 for the company’s two-stream HD service. This is a €1 price hike for this plan, which was originally priced at €8.99. This is the third price increase for Irish customers in the last year. Existing customers of the service won’t be affected by this change until August 2016.

Legacy customers, who have been subscribed to Netflix since before their first Irish price hike last year, will remain on the initial Netflix subscription price of €6.99 until next year, but will then be moved onto the €9.99 price plan.

A spokesperson for the streaming service justified the price hike as a necessary measure in funding more original Netflix content: “To continue adding more TV shows and movies, including many Netflix original titles, we’re modestly raising the price of our two-stream HD plan for new members.”

Some of Netflix’s original content includes critically acclaimed shows such as ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’. The company has plans to add over 50 new original series to the streaming service over the next year.