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New eircom survey reveals change in our interaction with technology

New technologies and the use of “digital” is playing a major role in the everyday lives of Irish consumers

The use of technology is increasing across Ireland, according to a survey from broadband, mobile and home phone provider eircom.

Their recent ‘Household Sentiment Survey’ discovered that there is a growing dependence on technological products in the day to day lives of the Irish population.

Yet 33% of people admitted to not understanding technology, particularly prevalent among the older generations.

It is different for the younger generations though, who are embracing technology like never before.

Around 53% of the population now owns a Smartphone, while there are 1.7 million users in Ireland with an average of 21 applications installed on each, according to eircom’s survey.

However, only seven of those apps are used regularly, often for tasks such as checking sports scores and for finding directions.

The use of tablets is on the increase too, with 1.3 million Irish people expected to have access to one by Christmas, with a massive festive sales boost anticipated.

Media stacking is a concept whereby people engage with more than one digital device at any one time, which is particularly prevalent among young people.

The survey highlighted that one in three people either post online or tweet while watching their favourite television shows. However, nearly three quarters of those aged between 16 and 24 admitted to this practice.

The way people watch television is also changing as a result of technology, as eircom suggested around two-thirds of people now skip recorded advertisements since the option became available.

David Coleman, a clinical psychologist who worked with eircom on the survey explained that media stacking is a “fascinating behavioural trend” of how people might embrace technology in the future.

“In homes across the country, parents of teenagers, whether they are aware of it or not, now witness the practice of media stacking on a regular basis,” he explained.

Mr. Coleman also highlighted the reliance on applications as an “interactive personal assistant to help us run our lives”.

Lisa Comerford, consumer marketing director at eircom, said the first Household Sentiment Survey – showed notable variations in relation to how people use technology.

“Over the last 12 months we have seen how we are becoming increasingly reliant on technology in our everyday lives, with apps playing an increasingly important role,” she explained.

She also highlighted the ‘generation gap’ that is emerging, whereby around a third of the population is being left behind when compared to the younger population.

“The youth of today now use technology daily to help make things easier and simpler and manage their lives,” she added.

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