White fibre optic cables

open eir to provide Aqua Comms with a high capacity fibre connection from Killala to Dublin

The deal with Aqua Comms is worth more than €5m.

This week, open eir - Ireland’s largest wholesale communications services provider - announced it has been chosen by Aqua Comms to provide an ultra-high capacity fibre link to connect Aqua Comms’ transatlantic AEConnect cable system to data centres in Dublin.

The deal, worth more then €5 million, will enable Aqua Comms to connect its 5,536km transatlantic subsea cable system to Dublin data centres from its Killala cable landing station through a fibre connection. As a result, data centres in Ireland, the UK and US will enjoy increased high-speed interconnectivity.

Aqua Comms said it is seeing a surge in bandwidth demands from data centres, cloud networks, financial services companies, carriers and content providers on AEConnect - and the company has decided open eir can meet these demands.

open eir has said that the partnership will mean Aqua Comms’ customers will be guaranteed one of most secure and fastest transits from major Dublin-based data centres to New York, London and Europe.

open eir is the wholesale division of eir, and more than 40 operators use its network.