Gas ring on a hob with blue flame

PrePayPower will soon be entering the gas market

The company has already rolled out prepay electricity to over 100,000 customers in Ireland.

It is being reported this morning that PrePayPower, the pay-as-you-go electricity provider, will soon be moving into the gas market, too.

According to the Irish Times, the company has already received regulatory clearance and will roll out a prepay gas service to its existing customers over the coming months.

This way that the electricity service works is that PrePay Power customers receive no bills, instead ‘topping up’ their account via an app. However, it’s likely the gas service would work differently - gas meters typically sit outside the home, and so would probably need to be topped up manually.

The company will need to work closely with Gas Networks Ireland on the rollout of the service. Given it’s the first of its kind in Ireland, it’ll be interesting to see how it will all work.

Watch this space!