Pure Telecom and BT deal 2018

Pure Telecom and BT Ireland sign multi-million Euro deal to deliver faster, reliable speeds to more areas in Ireland

The deal will be welcomed by those in harder-to-reach areas.

This morning Pure Telecom announced it has signed a deal with BT Ireland worth up to €20 million which will see Pure Telecom’s broadband and phone services offered to 1.8 million potential customers across Ireland.

The new deal will benefit a large portion of hard-to-reach rural premises, with BT Ireland’s 4,300km multi-gigabit fibre network extending Pure Telecom’s countrywide reach, delivering a faster and more reliable internet connection to more areas of the country.

This comes at a time when the urban/rural divide is still very much evident in Ireland with a recent Switcher.ie study revealing that a third of people in Connacht/Ulster (33%) say they’re unhappy with their broadband speeds at home, compared to just 16% in Dublin.

The deal will also cater to the ever-growing demand for people to be connected to fast and reliable speeds at all times, with the BT Ireland network allowing Pure Telecom to offer internet speeds of up to 1,000Mbps in eligible rural and urban areas.

This would be welcomed by many consumers as research from Pure Telecom earlier this year found that 59% of Irish people use three or more internet-connected devices on a daily basis.

“BT Ireland is a trusted provider in the Irish telecommunications sector and will help us to broaden our reach across the country and support an increasingly technology-driven population.”

Speaking of how the deal with benefit consumers across Ireland, Pure Telecom’s CEO, Paul Connell, said: “Our daily lives are increasingly reliant on digital communications and Pure Telecom is committed to supporting that by bringing the latest telecommunications and broadband services to people, households and businesses across Ireland. Key to that is ensuring that not just urban locations benefit from the fastest broadband speeds. We want every community in the country to have access to high-speed internet and we work with a number of Ireland’s leading wholesale providers to help make that happen.”

Adding to this, Peter Evans, Director of Wholesale and Strategy at BT Ireland said: “We are delighted to partner with Pure Telecom in extending the reach of high speed broadband across the country.”

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