Fibre broadband running along a rural road

Pure Telecom customers first to access 1Gbps broadband speeds

eircom Wholesale and Pure Telecom have agreed a two-year €20 million deal

A deal worth €20 million between eircom Wholesale and Pure Telecom will see Pure’s customers be the first to access eircom’s high speed fibre broadband.

The business partnership is expected to last two years and will see up to 1.2 million premises have access to eircom’s 1Gbps fibre-to-the-home service when it launches in September.

Recently, eircom announced plans to extend access to high speed fibre broadband in rural Ireland to a further 300,000 homes and businesses in all 26 counties.

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Director at Pure Telecom, Paul Connell said: “Our industry is changing. Our business customers need faster broadband so they can compete competitively both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, consumer demands are increasing. Smartphones, Netflix and social media are among the tools that are redefining the way people communicate and resetting needs and expectations; and not just for city dwellers.”

“We aim to provide the same quality of service to rural, as well as urban customers, and that’s why eircom Wholesale was the best solution. This choice was all about the national reach and future proofing of the eircom Wholesale network.”

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