Children sitting at school desks at back to school time

Ripplecom celebrates 500th installation of broadband into primary schools.

Ripplecom is also planning to make a further 100 broadband installations in the next 3 months.

The rural telecommunications company Ripplecom is celebrating this week, as they announce the successful installation of broadband into 500 Irish primary schools.

Broadband for Schools

The installation comes as part of the Department of Education’s ‘Broadband for Schools’ programme, which will see broadband installed in Ireland’s 4,000 primary and secondary schools over the coming years.

‘Transforming the way teachers are using technology’

Denis Naughten, the new Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Natural Resources, spoke at the launch about the advances in learning that broadband brings to rural schools: “High quality broadband is transforming the way teachers are using technology to deliver education to their pupils.

“It helps in teaching literacy and numeracy in Junior classes, and enables teachers use whiteboards and other digital tools, as well as teaching computer literacy. Broadband is also used to access school websites and blogs, and to share information with parents.

Ripplecom expect this roll-out of broadband to reach an additional 100 schools over the next 2 months.

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