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UPC Ireland launches Horizon Phone App

Free app allows UPC customers to save money on mobile bills

UPC has launched a brand new service for its customers to enable them to save money on their mobile bills – the Horizon Phone App.

The app enables UPC customers to make calls with a smartphone through their UPC Home Phone call pack, providing additional value.

UPC Ireland has designed the app to be available wherever there is a WiFi connection.

From anywhere in the world, both at home and abroad, calls using the app are free when using a home phone calls package which helps to avoid racking up expensive roaming costs.

“The innovative Horizon Phone App gives you the benefits of your home phone and Smartphone all-in-one,” explained Ronan McEvoy, Head of Consumer Products, UPC Ireland.

“It allows UPC customers to get the best value from their home phone minutes, but with the convenience of easy access to their mobile contact list to make calls at home, out & about – and even abroad.”

The new service, currently being trialled by 1,000 customers, is aimed at all UPC customers but is especially useful for families, as parents can save money on the levels of credit required for their children’s phones.

Rates using the app when on WiFi are the same as in a UPC Home Phone package, while people can manage their spending and registered devices online at UPC’s website.

Up to three customers can use the app – available on Android and Apple devices from the spring – at any one time.

The launch of the app follows the recent UPC launch of Horizon Wi-Free, currently on trial for 10,000 people in Limerick, with a full-scale rollout expected in the coming months.

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