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UPC Ireland research reveals public interest in coding as a school subject

54% believe children aged 9-10 years should learn to code as part of curriculum

The majority of people in Ireland believe coding should be introduced to the school curriculum, according to new research commissioned by UPC Ireland.

Carried out to mark Tech Week 2015, the research revealed that 54% of people want to see coding brought into primary and secondary schools throughout the country.

The investigation found the optimum age to learn coding was 9-10 years with 70% of the 1,000 people questioned saying coding should be introduced to children aged 6-12 years.

Understanding coding

Coding relates to the creation of computer software, websites and apps and plays a key role in the operation of online and other technology systems.

Slightly less than half of people actually understood what coding is with this knowledge most prevalent amongst those aged between 16 and 24 years of age.

For those over 55 years, understanding was much less with 70% claiming poor coding knowledge.

Java was most equally recognised as a computer language – identified by more than four out of every five people – with JavaScript only slightly less identifiable.

Supporting CoderDojo in 2015

A study from UPC Ireland last October showed that many Irish people regard coding to be just as important as Maths, Science and language subjects including Irish.

This could explain the success of the CoderDojo movement which aims to get young people learning coding.

Anna-Maria Barry, Corporate Communications General Manager for UPC Ireland and a staff volunteer who helps run CoderDojo clubs, said the research highlights the importance of coding.

“There is a significant appetite for the formal introduction of computer coding into school curriculum,” she said.

“We aim to give more and more young people the opportunity to learn coding skills that will help them become the next generation of creators and innovators.”

UPC Ireland will support the CoderDojo’s Coolest Projects Awards 2015 which sees coding clubs showcase their skills and knowledge.

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