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Virgin Media and National Parents Council launch internet safety campaign

Three year partnership to target parents, teachers and youngsters to raise awareness and understanding

Virgin Media have joined forced with the National Parents Council to launch a three year partnership promoting internet safety.

The move, which coincides with Safer Internet Day 2016, will see internet safety classes given to parents of primary school children across Ireland to highlight the dangers of the online world.

Initially, the classes will take place in counties Cork, Donegal, Limerick, Galway and Dublin, as well as in Louth Offaly, Sligo, Wexford and Tipperary.

The focus of Safer Internet Day in 2016 is to encourage individuals to play their part in creating better online experiences for all.

To support this, Virgin Media also launched a new online resource for teachers entitled The Web We Want.

It includes a number of training guides designed by teachers for others in their profession, as well as ten detailed lesson plans for pupils aged between 13 and 16.

Promoting internet safety for all ages

Guides are also available for teenagers to provide them with an understanding of digital issues including rights and responsibilities, ethics, freedom of expression and maintaining a positive digital footprint.

“The need to guide and protect children online is no different to having to protect them in the real world,” explained Virgin Media chief executive Tony Hanway.

He added that the initiative should “provide invaluable advice to parents” who are looking to ensure their children stay safe online.

Hanway added that the internet “offers a world of opportunity for children” but warned that children and parents need to be equipped to “extract the best from this world of opportunity”.

He said the partnership with the National Parents Council will ensure that all individuals have the right skills to stay safe online.

Virgin Media also launched One Click Parent Controls in October 2015 to help promote internet safety by keeping youngsters away from inappropriate pages.

The service is available for free for all Virgin Media broadband customers, provided they opt in, and represents a first for Ireland when it comes to restricting access to websites with just one click. 

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