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Virgin Media and National Parents Council target online safety

Three Year Internet Safety Drive launched as Christmas looms

Virgin Media and the National Parents Council have unveiled a series of National Internet Safety classes to help parents protect children when using the internet.

The classes will be available to parents of primary school children during the next three years and will advise parents on the important things to consider.

With Christmas looming and with parents buying internet enabled technologies as gifts, they are being encouraged to focus on how to keep their children safe online.

Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan, T.D., helped launch the new initiative, which includes a programme detailing the latest online developments.

Recognising the risks of internet usage

She said that with technology now used in every part of life, it’s essential that parents understand the dangers of using the internet.

“The Three Year Internet Safety Drive will ensure that parents are equipped with the necessary information to safeguard their children,” she said.

Aine Lynch, CEO, National Parents Council (Primary) added the organisation is delighted to be part of the “very important initiative”.

“Technology is a fantastic gift for any child which brings many benefits for their intellectual growth and development,” she explained.

“Parents need to start a conversation as early as possible with their children around online activity that is both age appropriate, respectful of others and individually safe.”

Promoting national internet safety

Ms Lynch highlighted the need to moderate and explain usage of the internet in order to protect the wellbeing of young children.

“This joint initiative will help parents guide and support their children in today’s digitally enabled world,” added Virgin Media CEO Tony Hanway.

He added that it marks the latest initiative in a digital inclusion programme that looks to encourage National Internet Safety.

Seminars will be included free of charge with the events due to take place in primary schools and selected public venues.

Some useful tips for parents

Included in the initiative from Virgin Media and the National Parents Council is a set of tips that encourage internet safety.

Among them, is to talk with children about their internet use, to do things online together and to find out what their favourite websites are.

Other useful tips for parents include setting ground rules around internet usage and to reiterate that the positive of being online far outweigh the negatives. 

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