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Virgin Media reports rising broadband subscription numbers

Third quarter results positive after UPC rebranding with revenues up 31%

Virgin Media saw 12,200 more customers subscribe to its fibre broadband services in the third quarter, compared to a year ago.

The provider’s total subscriber numbers now total 1.1 million, while 1,000 people opted to sign up to Virgin Mobile before its commercial launch.

Revealing its results for the third quarter 2015, Virgin Media added that it had 21,600 new phone subscriptions compared to 12 months ago when the company was operating under the UPC brand.

Carol Grennan, CFO of Virgin Media Ireland, revealed that the increase in broadband subscriptions is reflective customers recognising the faster speeds and download options that are available.

“We’re now offering digital TV, ultrafast broadband, phone and mobile as an overall market leading proposition which puts customers at the heart of everything we do,” she explained.

Revenues up for Virgin Media

Grennan said revenues were up 31% in the third quarter across all parts of the business, from small and home offices to large enterprises and the wholesale market.

She reflected on “positive results” and said Virgin Media has added more than 60 businesses to its new carrier-grade Ethernet service.

The broadband service is recognised by the Metro Ethernet Forum, as it has earned Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification.

Grennan explained that the provider has focused on its ultrafast broadband, phone and digital TV subscriptions, and “competitive” mobile offering.

The firm now has more than 318,000 digital cable TV customers and acquired TV3 – Ireland’s leading commercial broadcaster – in the third quarter.

Breaking barriers

We will continue to break barriers with Ireland’s best broadband and the best connected entertainment

“We will continue to break barriers with Ireland’s best broadband and the best connected entertainment,” she said.

She explained that customers can get Virgin Mobile Unlimited for free for the first three months, and at €25 a month thereafter.

Virgin Media forms part of Liberty Global plc, the world’s biggest international cable company.

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