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Vodafone brings 4G to 37 additional locations in Ireland

Vodafone customers in 6 cities and 31 towns can now benefit from 4G smartphone coverage

Vodafone announced today that its 4G mobile broadband service is now available for customers with compatible smartphones in six cities and 31 towns across Ireland.

Vodafone’s new 4G service provides up to 10 times faster data speeds than its predecessor, 3G with 4G set to come as standard with Vodafone’s RED and RED for Business tariffs.

With 4G services, customers benefit from faster data speeds, meaning download times and buffering are drastically reduced or even eliminated. This news now means that business customers will now be able to download and send documents in a fraction of the time it previously took while on the move.

Personal customers will also benefit by finding websites, videos and apps load so quickly and accurately that it will be possible to upload and share photos and videos instantly via social media.

Vodafone Ireland’s mission is to bring the fastest possible connectivity to customers around the country, and this latest move is a big step towards achieving that aim.

With mobile 4G services, customers can experience a portable internet service closer to super-fast broadband speeds.

The cities covered by Vodafone’s 4G service include Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny. Some of the major towns with coverage also include Carlow, Dungarvan, Killarney, Kinsale, New Ross and Wexford.

While 3 Ireland are delaying their 4G offering until the end of January, Vodafone say that their 4G coverage will soon be rolled out to further areas across Ireland so that more customers can enjoy the speed and versatility of 4G services.

Commenting on the boost in 4G coverage, Anne Sheehan, Vodafone Ireland’s Enterprise Director said, “This is great news for those customers who are really keen to experience 4G services on their smartphones as soon as possible. We believe that faster speeds will be a catalyst for innovation and provide a platform for businesses to create new services and applications on mobile that will benefit everyone.”

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