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Wireless broadband can now reach the moon

Faster broadband speeds on the moon than in parts of rural Ireland

Living on the moon might not be all that bad, especially now as it could provide a broadband service that is faster than in some parts of rural Ireland, according to a group of researchers at MIT and Nasa.

NASA in conjunction with MIT have developed a new technology which allows a broadband service to be transmitted via laser technologies to the moon.

With speeds reaching nearly 20Mbs, the two organisations have demonstrated that it could now be possible for people in space to stream high-definition video with minimal buffering, a luxury that some in rural Ireland can only begin to imagine.

You can compare your own broadband speed with our broadband speed test against that of the moon’s.

The distance between the Earth and the moon is nearly 400,00km but the team still managed to transmit data between the two at a rate of 19.44Mbs and download data at 622Mbs.

Mark Stevens of MIT Lincoln Laboratory says, “Communicating at high data rates from Earth to the moon with laser beams is challenging because of the 400,000-kilometre distance spreading out the light beam,”

He also added, “It’s doubly difficult going through the atmosphere, because turbulence can bend light-causing rapid fading or dropouts of the signal at the receiver.”

With this huge advancement in broadband technology, we here in uSwitch.ie hope that this research means consumers in even the remotest parts of Ireland, let alone the moon, could experience high-speed broadband in the not so distant future.

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