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Ireland’s mobile speeds on the up for more providers

Eir and Three are catching up to Vodafone with faster mobile speeds.

The communication regulator (ComReg) has yesterday published data that shows eir and Three are catching up to Vodafone when it comes to the speed of their mobile data - which is great news for customers of these mobile networks.

The tests, which were conducted at the end of 2018 across five cities in Ireland and major road routes, show eir as having the fastest speeds with an average download speed of between 18Mbps and 22.8Mbps. Vodafone follows with average speeds of between 18.3Mbps and 20.3Mbps and Three recorded average speeds of between 12.9Mbps and 18.3Mbps.

How can I check my mobile data speeds?

If you’re interested in checking the more specific mobile speeds you are receiving at your home or workplace you can now do so using ComReg’s mobile coverage checker map which was launched earlier this year. Note: customers using 48, Tesco, Lycamobile and Virgin should check the Three Network. Post Mobile customers should check the Vodafone Network.

What can I do if I’m unhappy with my speeds?

If you’re not happy with the speeds you’re receiving you can easily switch provider to a SIM-Only deal which could also save you money. Just make sure you’re out of contract and you’ve paid off your handset if you wish to switch. You can also transfer over your mobile number when you switch - just ask your new provider and they will be able to help you with this.

SIM-Only deals on start from just €10 a month on a 30-day contract so you’re not locked in if you want to leave after a month. With a SIM-Only deal you can also choose a package that suits your individual data needs as well as a deal that sits comfortably within your price range. You can check out the wide variety of SIM-Only deals on our website today to see which is best for you.

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