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New mobile coverage checker map from ComReg has just been launched

The tool allows you to see what kind of mobile service you can get in an area.

Irish consumers who have long struggled with mobile coverage can now check the quality of service thanks to ComReg’s new coverage map tool.

The map - which uses data collected from eir, Three and Vodafone - allows consumers to search a particular area or address using eircodes and or local addresses to access information on coverage at a specific location. The map also includes coverage data for Ireland’s MVNO networks. It’s important to note that customers using 48, Tesco, Lycamobile and Virgin should check the Three Network. Post Mobile customers should check the Vodafone Network.

While the tool is currently available on desktop web browser, ComReg said it will also launch a mobile phone app for the coverage map in due course and will update the map on a regular basis to reflect changes in coverage as providers expand their networks.

This tool is a great mechanism for consumers to take back control and find out what quality of service they can get at home or at work with a particular provider to enable better buying decisions.

Speaking of the launch, ComReg Commissioner Jeremy Godfrey said: “ComReg’s mobile phone coverage map gives users independent and consistent information about the coverage they can expect from different mobile networks at different locations. We all have different requirements for coverage, depending on where we live, work, study and spend our leisure time. The map will enable users to identify providers that can best meet their individual needs. It will also strengthen the competitive advantage that operators can gain from expanding their coverage”.

You can check out the coverage map tool here and if you’re looking to improve your service with a new provider, you can check out some of the great SIM-only deals on the market on our website.

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