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We all know that regularly switching energy supplier or broadband provider is a good way to save money. However, there are other things you can do to save money on your regular household expenses. Here's where you'll find our tried and tested money-saving tips to help you get started.

Electricity meter and cash

8 easy ways to save electricity at home

Do you find it hard to keep a lid on your electricity bills?’s top tips can help...

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Couple looking at bills

Going on holiday? Here’s what you need to know about travel insurance

It can be hard to figure out if you really need it...

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Stacks of coins

CCPC research shows considerable savings to be made from switching

Consumers saved close to €300 by switching services like gas and electricity or broadband.

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Lots of us are worried about motor insurance costs - so what can we do?

Almost two in five of us say that motor insurance costs are a cause for concern.

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Credit cards

Are you starting the New Year in debt? You're not alone...

Many of us are forced to borrow to meet the cost of household essentials.

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Blue Monday? Not if you can save hundreds on your bills!

Don’t let this Monday’s blues take hold...

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Save money's 17 ways to save in 2017

Tackling your finances can seem like a massive undertaking, but actually, several small changes could really make a difference and add up to big savings.

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Retail Ireland finds Irish households will spend €720 extra in December

Do you think you'll be among the households splashing out this Christmas?

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From closing off draughts to turning down your thermostat, there are loads of ways to save this holiday season...

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Cutting mobile phone costs - 5 simple tips!

Check out these tips to help you reduce your monthly mobile costs...

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The annual cost of running a home in Ireland has gone up again

This is according to a new survey by AA Home Insurance.

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Households on standard energy tariffs are missing out on hundreds of Euro worth of savings

Moving from standard tariffs to the cheapest deals on the market could make a big difference to the average household.

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Don’t forget the clocks go back this weekend!

At 2am on Sunday morning, the clocks will go back to 1am.

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How to save money on your home insurance

It's one of those costs we're all faced with, so how can you save money on your home insurance?

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What does Budget 2017 mean for you?

There are many changes in terms of income taxes and public expenditure.

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Budget 2017 is being announced on next Tuesday - what can you expect?

A couple of things have already been flagged, so here's what to look out for...

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5 energy-saving devices that can save you money

Learn more about how energy-saving devices and products can save you money on your gas and electricity bills.

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High electricity bills? These appliances are costing you the most

We investigate how you can cut costs when you're using common household appliances...

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Do you think switching providers is too much hassle?

New research shows that many of us are not switching providers for household essentials.

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Classic Irish sayings that may actually help you to save energy

We're well-used to jokes about the immersion, but could these classic sayings actually help you to save money?

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8 money-saving tips every student needs to know

If you're heading to college next month, we've got some tips to help you manage your money, while still making the most of college life.

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Be aware of early exit fees - especially if you want to switch!

Recent research has shown that lots of people are in the dark about these fees - which could be costing them dearly.

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Five simple ways to save money on your energy bill

It's getting close to winter time now, so ahead of all those cosy evenings in front of the TV, here are some tips to help you save money on your energy bills.

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Heading to college? You'll need a student current account.

We've got info on all of the student current accounts out there.

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New Sky Service app rolled out across Ireland

New app gives customers more control over their Sky account than ever before

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