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Don’t let Blue Monday get you down - switch and save over €1,000

You can save hundreds on your energy, broadband and mobile by switching today.

Grey skies, the post-Christmas slump, holiday debt and the long wait between paychecks all contribute to this annual event we now call ‘Blue Monday’.

But why not turn this Blue Monday into a bright Monday by saving some money on your household utilities? If you switch your energy, broadband and TV, and mobile you could save up to €1,125 - it’s as easy as that!

Save up to €507 on a new broadband deal

Currently, some of the major suppliers in Ireland - such as eir, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone - are offering huge savings on select plans.

Consumers can save up to €507 on their broadband, TV and home phone bundle just by shopping around and switching to a better deal. There are also significant savings to be had on broadband only, broadband and TV, and broadband and phone packages as well.

It’s important to think carefully about what type of package will suit you best before signing up. If you’re a heavy streamer who doesn’t watch traditional TV then maybe a broadband only package would be best for you. Or if you need just a home phone line and broadband then a broadband and home phone bundle would be more cost-effective. There’s also different packages dependant on the number of channels and services you require for your TV which can determine how much you pay. Make sure you do a thorough comparison before picking the right deal for you.

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Switch your energy and save up to €258

Did you know that if you haven’t switched your energy supplier in the past year, it’s likely you’ll be on a more expensive standard rate and are paying over the odds to heat your home.

To avail of the cheapest deals on the market it’s a good idea to switch supplier every year as most suppliers offer larger discounts to new customers. You can also usually knock more off the cost of your energy by opting to pay by direct debit and receiving paperless bills (e-bills).

The average gas and electricity customer in Ireland could currently save up to €258 by switching supplier - while those with bigger homes or higher consumption could save even more. There’s also no need to worry about being cut off when switching as all suppliers use the same pipe network to supply energy to your home.

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Save on your mobile phone bill

Switching to a SIM-only deal could save you much more than you think. If you’re happy with the handset you currently have then a SIM-only deal is definitely worth considering. You won’t need to cover the cost of a new handset and you can control how much you pay to make sure you get the best value deal that suits your individual needs.

To switch, just make sure you’re not in contract with your current provider and then take a look at the best deals currently on the market and have your new SIM sent out to you. If you wish to keep your same phone number that can also be done. Your new provider can sort out moving your current number to your new network when you’re signing up.

For example, if you currently pay €45 a month for your mobile phone and switch to the Lycamobile €15 a month SIM-only deal you could save up to €360 over the course of the year.

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Get your hands on a total savings of €1,125

So there you have it - just by switching three basic household utilities you could put an extra €1,125 back into your pocket this January and turn that Blue Monday frown upside down.