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Many Irish consumers still find their household bills difficult to understand

This could mean that people are missing important information on their bills.

Research published today by shows that almost six in ten Irish consumers find at least one of their essential bills difficult to understand.

In fact, over half of broadband, energy and mobile phone customers simply trust their suppliers to get bills right - which means that billing errors and estimated bills could be going unchecked.

This is worrying, especially when you take into account that a third of people say they were overcharged on at least one of their essential bills - electricity, gas, broadband, phone, TV and/or bins/recycling - last year.

As well as the potential for overcharging, confusing bills can also prevent people from engaging in the market, as consumers are put off comparing offers because they find it too difficult to understand what they’re currently being charged.

What should I do if I can’t understand my bills?

First things first, make sure you’re actually opening your bills - whether you’re receiving them online or by post - and reading them.

Then, if you’re confused about anything on your bill, see if your supplier has information to help you.

Over the last few years, suppliers have made a real effort to provide their customers with helpful information on how to read their bills, and what the various charges mean for them, so there are great resources out there for anyone that is struggling to understand their bills.

Suppliers are also more than happy to help with additional questions, so if you are one of the many consumers who is confused about items on your household bills, don’t be afraid to contact your supplier and ask them about it.

Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of says: “Getting a handle on the information in your bills will help you to be confident that your bills are correct, allow you to take control of your spending, and help you to save money in the long-run.”

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Top tips for checking your electricity bills

Electricity bills seem to be one of the biggest ones that cause customers confusion. There are some new CER rules coming into effect later this year which should help customers get a better handle on their bills. In the meantime, the below tips should help when you’re reviewing your electricity bill….

Tips for checking your electricity bills

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