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New Sky Service app rolled out across Ireland

New app gives customers more control over their Sky account than ever before

Sky Ireland has launched the new Sky Service app in the past week, designed to give Irish customers as many options as possible for keeping track of their Sky account.

The app gives customers the opportunity to carry out basic functions such as changing their overall settings and reviewing their Sky packages on a range of mobile devices, across multiple locations.

Derek Stalley, Customer Operations Director at Sky Ireland, explained what he sees as the key benefits which the app will offer customers.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer service and make our customers’ lives easier. We think the new Sky Service app is a great way to help them save time, and give them another efficient way to interact with us.

“Of the thousands of service calls handled by our Dublin contact centre weekly, some of the most common queries relate to bill information, how to change your Sky package or TV pin – now customers can check this information through the app whenever it suits them without having to call us,” he suggested.

The key features of the app which has been created by the broadband, phone and digital TV provider will allow Sky Ireland customers to check and review subscriptions, view their bill, reset their TV PIN and check their service status among a host of additional features.

It is also worth noting that the app has been specifically designed to work on both iPhones and Android devices. Customers can also choose to access the app from their iPad if they wish to.

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