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The annual cost of running a home in Ireland has gone up again

This is according to a new survey by AA Home Insurance.

Earlier this week, AA Home Insurance released its annual report on the cost of running a home in Ireland.

Last year, for the first time in four years, the cost of owning and maintaining a family home went down. However, that trend hasn’t continued, and the new survey shows it has now risen to €16,611.14 per year.

What’s included in the cost of running a home in Ireland?

The AA’s survey includes expenses like:

  • mortgage;
  • property tax;
  • TV licence;
  • home insurance;
  • telephone and broadband bills;
  • and electricity and heating costs.

Why has the cost of running a home gone up?

The main reason for the increase this year comes down to the rise in the national average price of a second-hand home in Ireland, which results in higher mortgage payments.

AA says that those who took out a 90 percent mortgage this year are likely to pay €9,847.48 a year on their mortgage – an increase of 4.57% on last year.

Prices also rose for items like home insurance, broadband and bin charges.

Is there any good news?

In short, yes, as there have been reductions in the cost of some essential household bills.

The AA estimates that the average homeowner will spend €974.86 heating their home this year, down €14, and a further €1,082.48 on electricity, down €34.

Digital TV costs are also down, with standard plans down €49, according to AA Home Insurance.

What can I do to combat the rising costs?

Well, although energy costs fell this year, there are still huge savings that can be made by switching suppliers.

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