Two Christmas presents wrapped in brown paper with blue ribbon

Top tech gadgets available this Christmas

This could help you get cracking on the Christmas shopping.

It seems like the Christmas buying season is well underway, and tech gifts are always popular. If you know a gadget-lover, read on to see some of the most popular gift options for them this year…

Smart health fitness trackers

The likes of Fitbit watches have gotten more and more popular over the last number of years. These gadgets aim to help users become healthier by allowing them to track their physical activity, diet and sleep.

You can buy these on loads of different websites. Currys has a good selection, starting at around €25.

Virtual reality headsets

While VR may still be at a relatively early stage, there are some cool apps out there - such as the Sky VR app - which allow users to try the technology cheaply, or for free, once they have a headset that works with their phones.

There are loads of places stocking headsets now, and it’s possible to get one to suit most price ranges. For example, Smyths Toys have the Stealth VR 200 headset on offer at €24.99 at the moment - it works with all smartphones up to 6 inches.

If you want something a little more upmarket, you could try the Google Daydream View. Prices vary depending on where you buy it but you’ll probably be looking at somewhere in the region of €80-100.


Another staple in Christmas stockings over the last few years has been e-readers. The most well-known of these is the Kindle, and there is a dedicated store on Amazon where you can buy the reader itself, along with books, newspapers and magazines to get you started.

The most basic model is £59.99, while opting for the Kindle Oasis - which has a larger screen, is waterproof and allows you to listen to audible books - will set you back £229.99.

A new smartphone

Phones are always a good choice for a Christmas present - be it for yourself or someone else - and there’s loads of choice this year. Obviously the iPhone X is the big one this winter, but if this is outside of your price range, there are loads of options in every price bracket.

Check out Carphone Warehouse to see what options might suit you. If you buy a phone outright, be sure to compare SIM-only mobile deals and get the deal that suits you best.

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All the hype at the moment is about Apple’s AirPods, which are sure to be a hit with any Apple gadget fan. If these don’t take your fancy, though, take a look at Harvey Norman, which has everything from Sony to Bose available in a range of styles and prices.

Smart thermostat

If you’re buying for someone who’s into the idea of a connected home, a smart thermostat could be a good start. There are a few good options on the Irish market, such as the Nest, Hive and Hub Controller.

If you don’t want to fork out for one of these as a present, take a look next time you’re switching energy supplier to see if any of the plans that suit you offer one for free - it could be a good way to save.

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