Two Christmas presents wrapped in brown paper with blue ribbon

What can you do with unwanted Christmas gifts?

You might have a few sitting around today...

It’s probably fair to say that not a Christmas goes by where we’re not left with at least one gift we don’t want. But, rather than leave them sitting around gathering dust at home, there are a few things you can do if you receive a present that isn’t right for you…

Returning unwanted gifts

There isn’t any legal requirement on shops to accept returns on unwanted gifts, however many still do so. Some stores won’t process returns for the first few days of the sales, so you might be better off waiting until things have died down a bit.

If you have a gift receipt, you’ll usually be able to exchange the gift for something of the same value that it was bought for. Without a gift receipt, you’ll normally be credited the current value of the item - which could be significantly lower than it was bought for, depending on January sales.

Giving unwanted Christmas gifts to charity

If you can’t face heading to the shops to try returning items, or you’re not sure where the presents came from, you could donate them to a local charity shop. They’ll be able to sell them on for a good cause.

Sell them on, Done Deal or eBay

If you’ve gotten something decent that simply doesn’t suit you, why not post it for sale on Adverts, Done Deal, or eBay?

It’s really easy to set up ads, and - unless you want them to be promoted on site - it’s usually free. You will have to look after postage, or arrange to meet the buyer, but it could be worth your while.

Regift them

If you’re feeling really cheeky, why not put away the gift and regift it to someone next year? Just make sure you put a note with it so you don’t give it back to the same person, or someone close to them!