Internet speeds have been getting quicker and quicker over the years, going from the superslow dial-up connections of years gone by to the superfast broadband we have today. Ongoing advances in technology also mean that speeds are increasing all the time.

Superfast broadband in Ireland can be defined as a service with a connection speed in excess of 50Mb – a speed which more and more packages are aiming to deliver as a minimum standard. With these sorts of speeds becoming more commonplace, high speed broadband is getting faster and cheaper at the same time.

The latest innovation in high speed broadband is fibre-optic, which replaces the slow ADSL copper wires on a network with fibre optic wires. This subsequently results in far higher speeds which can reach up to 1000Mb, enabling speedy downloading and lightning-fast browsing.

Not every region in Ireland currently has access to superfast broadband, but internet service providers are constantly updating and expanding their networks to bring high speed internet to as many parts of the country as possible.

Who provides superfast broadband in Ireland

A number of providers already offer a high speed broadband packages, including eir, Virgin Media, Sky, Pure Telecom, Vodafone, Magnet, and Digiweb. So what superfast broadband packages are available with these providers?

eir ultrafast broadband

eir is the fastest broadband provider in Ireland with speeds of up to 1000Mb available. The broadband, mobile and home phone provider has a number of ultrafast and superfast broadband packages in the form of their eir Fibre broadband products.

The eir Fibre broadband packages can boast download speeds up to 1000Mb and up to 200Mb upload speeds - currently the fastest on offer in Ireland.

Virgin Media superfast broadband

Virgin Media is one of the largest broadband providers in Ireland with superfast broadband speeds up to 360Mb available via their fibre broadband network.

Virgin Media has a number of different packages and bundles to suit the needs of different households. A free wireless modem is also included with every Virgin Media deal. The company also often promotes their deals with special discount offers, with three and six month half price broadband offers, regularly available.

Sky superfast broadband

Sky has expanded rapidly since launching in Ireland a number of years ago, now offering full communication packages.

Sky provide fast reliable broadband with packages ranging from up to 24Mb and superfast fibre broadband up to 100Mb.

Sky superfast broadband

Pure Telecom, an Irish owned company, has been providing fixed line and broadband services to Irish homes since 2002.

Pure Telecom customers can enjoy up to 100Mb unlimited superfast broadband with no landline or connection fee.

Vodafone superfast broadband

Another fibre broadband provider that is growing its high speed broadband network in Ireland is Vodafone, offering speeds of up to 100Mb. Vodafone, broadband can be purchased as a stand alone broadband package or via a selection of broadband and home phone bundles with unlimited broadband deals also available.

Magnet superfast broadband

One of the more recent entries in the superfast broadband market, Irish provider Magnet offer a number of appealing broadband solutions and they provide Ireland’s only non - contract fibre optic broadband packages.

Magnet also offer a truly unlimited broadband service meaning customers are free to download as much content as they like, without having to worry about exceeding usage limits. The company’s superfast broadband packages are a great fit for both light and heavy internet users.

Digiweb superfast broadband

Irish broadband provider Digiweb, also provide superfast high speed internet with their range of fibre broadband products. Their Fibre Broadband Home and Fibre Broadband Lite packages offer up to 100Mb download speeds at competitive prices.

Digiweb expand the availability of their superfast broadband service across Ireland on a continuous basis.

Do I need superfast broadband?

This largely depends on how you use the Internet. But if you’re a heavy downloader, play games online or watch a lot of on-demand television, then a superfast broadband connection is essential for your needs.

Conversely, if you’re the kind of person who only uses the Internet for email or perhaps a bit of shopping and light web browsing, then slower speeds might cater for your needs.

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