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A Guide to Aertv by Magnet

Aertv is part of Magnet Networks, is an alternative way to watching TV, as it is available online.

The service has already won a Digital Media Award for Best in IT and Telecommunications, as well as receiving Bronze for Best in Innovation.

The concept behind the package from Magnet Networks is to enable Irish viewers to watch the TV they want to watch on their computer or mobile device.

What do you get on Aertv?

The standard Aertv package includes 15 channels that are all free to view for up to 10 minutes every day, providing access to RTE One and Two, TV3 and Aertv Music, Movies and Sports.

However, upgrading to Aertv Plus, allows you to watch unlimited TV and includes an additional 9 premium channels, such as BBC One, Two, Three and Four as well as CBBC, France24 and BBC News.

Aertv SportsLive is Ireland’s only live and video on demand sports platform and content and is available in the Aertv plus package.

Alternatively, Magnet broadband customers can exclusively access up to 34 channels all together, including MTV and Comedy Central with Aertv Platinum.

Aertv also has a “Live Events feature” which allows you to watch popular Irish events as they happen across the country, such as Flight Fest or even world record attempts.

These services are available on subscription and users can watch TV on mobile devices via their browser or with the Aertv iOS application, as well as on their computer.

Rugby Football and Top Gear on aer TV tablet and smartphone

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How do you access Aertv?

Accessing Aertv is straightforward. Users will need a valid email address to register but no further personal information is collected initially.

The basic package is free to view for ten minutes a day, but for users wishing to extend their viewing time and access the additional channels from Aertv Plus, a subscription fee of €5.99 applies, with one months free trial included.

Magnet broadband customers can avail of the Aertv Platinum package for only €4.99 per month, with the first month free, and can add this to their existing broadband subscription.

There are no streaming limits on the service, meaning users can watch as much TV as they want with the ability to cancel the service at any time.

Why consider Magnet Broadband with Aertv?

Magnet broadband is a super-fast broadband service with speeds of up to 100Mbps and was rated as the fastest internet service provider on average for Netflix streaming in 2013, according to the Netflix ISP Speed Index.

It has a comprehensive fibre-to-home network, meaning programming will be efficiently streamed, while there remains a wide range of channels to choose from.

For people who live a life on-the-go but who don’t want to miss their favourite shows, Aertv Plus for mobiles and tablets provides a more than adequate solution, however you need to be a premium subscriber to access content from your mobile.

Home and Away on tablet with Aer TV

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