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A guide to Sky apps

If you are keen to find out exactly what the full range of Sky apps can offer you as a customer, our comprehensive guide is here to fill you in on everything.

The ability to access the latest movie reviews, news reports and score lines while you are on the move are just some of the reasons why Sky apps helps you to make the most of your entire Sky package.

But what exactly do the individual apps offer?

Sky Go

The Sky Go app allows you to enjoy everything that Sky TV has to offer, including 11 movie channels, 6 sports channels and many entertainment channels. As well as being able to keep up with emerging news stories through Sky News, hundreds of movie channels will also be available on demand through your iPhone, iPad and selected Android Smartphones.


The Sky+ app allows you to control your Sky+HD box while you are out of the house. The service offers you the ability to browse the new TV shows which are available, set certain programmes to record and download On Demand programmes directly to your Sky+HD box.

Sky Cinema

For big movie fans, the Sky Cinema app could be a useful addition to your life. The ability to see what’s showing, select a personal shortlist and even record your favourite movies remotely will ensure that you don’t miss out if you are not at home.

Sky News

Expert graphics, videos and access to breaking news stories are all available on the Sky News app. It is a notably interactive app, allowing you to share articles via Facebook, Twitter and email as well.

Sky Sports for iPhone

The Sky Sports for iPhone app means you can use your phone to access dedicated sports areas, major statistics, watch interviews and reactions, and even listen live to Sky Sports News radio.

Sky Sports for iPad

The Sky Sports for iPad app has many similar features to the iPhone app but it also allows fans to access all the Sky Sports channels live through the app. You can also personalise your home page to include news feeds on up to four of your favourite sports teams.

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