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A guide to the basic Sky TV packages

Sky TV packages are flexible and provide a wide selection of Sky TV channels to meet individual viewing preferences. The basic Sky TV package is called “The Original Bundle” and is designed to be customised with the addition of further entertainment features.

An overview of The Original Bundle – the basic Sky TV package

The latest Sky+ set-top box has the capability to pause and rewind live TV and to record all of your favourite shows with up to 185 hours of recording space.

The Original Bundle includes more than 40 premium channels, including Sky1 and Sky Atlantic in addition to hundreds of free-to-air TV channels.

These provide the platform for the multitude of dramas and other entertainment shows that the broadcaster prides itself upon, including Boardwalk Empire, among many others.


The Sky TV basic package includes more than 280 channels for your enjoyment, covering a multitude of genres to cater for all demands.

Major channels including BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel 4 alongside Sky’s main channels Sky Atlantic, Sky 1 and Sky Living are all included in the package.

Additional extras can be added to a basic package to provide a greater level of variety, which is especially popular among those with young children.

This provides more choice of channels, meaning people have greater control over what Sky TV channels they want to watch for their entertainment.

Package Extras

The Variety Bundle

This pack can be added on to the Sky basic package for a small extra charge, and gives a larger selection of over 80 subscription-only channels, many of which are dedicated to kids, documentaries, music and sports.

From Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network, to the developing stories on Sky News, the Variety Bundle has something for everyone.

For those who love their films and sport there is also plenty of available options to ensure you don’t miss any of the action.

Sky Sports

The Sky Sports package is one of the things that made Sky TV famous, with the broadcaster having an unparalleled pedigree when it comes to bringing viewers the very best of sporting action from around the globe.

Sky Sports 1 and 2 offer the very best that the Premier League has to offer with dozens of live matches every season, not to mention the heavyweights from the worlds of rugby and cricket.

Golf’s major tournaments, including the PGA Tour and Ryder Cup, are available with top class Darts action and an exclusive channel dedicated entirely to the Formula 1 championship.

Sky TV offers the major two channels as a standalone package or a combined set, which also includes Sky Sports 3 and 4, Sky Sports News and the F1 channel.

The complete package offers coverage of more than 100 sports from across the globe, on six dedicated channels.

Additional club channels including Manchester United TV and Chelsea TV are also available at an extra cost, with a whole host of exclusive content from live matches and in-depth analysis as well as news and player interviews.

Sky Cinema

The Sky Cinema package brings you the biggest hits from Hollywood based on specific themes, meaning you can tailor your film choices to your mood on any given day.

Previously knwon as Sky Movies, Sky Cinema now includes movie premiers every day, with more blockbusters now available only eight months after worldwide cinema releases. 

Sky Cinema includes all the channels previously avialble with Sky Movies, plus over 1,000 movies to access on demand and new, improved HD as standard at no extra cost.

Sky+ HD pack

If you have a HD ready TV and a Sky+ HD box it is possible to avail of the Sky+HD pack as an addition to any of the rest of the packages available. With a crisper, clearer picture Sky+ HD pack can provide up to 5 times more image detail. There are up to 63 additional channels available in movies, drama and sports, all depending on which package is purchased.

Added extras

Home broadband and weekend calls can be added in the basic Sky TV package, allowing you to stay connected while enjoying all of your favourite TV.

Most Sky customers choose to customise their packages to get all the Sky TV they want to watch, from their favourite movies to their sporting idols, providing endless entertainment.

All packages are flexible and provide the means for tailored TV viewing.

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