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Imagine WiMax broadband: A simple guide

WiMax is a worldwide technology first brought to Ireland by Imagine. WiMax is a wireless 4G technology which allows users to access home phone and broadband without having to rely on a fixed line or pay for line rental.

WiMax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. WiMax 4G technology operates via radio waves and is transmitted from an Imagine WiMax tower to your own WiMax 4G Hub in your home or your mobile broadband dongle.

WiMax does not rely on installing cables in remote locations so it is possible to avail of it in places where there was previously no broadband services available, it simply depends on if there is is a WiMax tower near to where you are situated.

Indoor WiMax 4G Hub

WiMax broadband is capable of supplying fast broadband internet access along with free WiFi and unlimited usage, subject to its fair usage policy, through its WiMax 4G Hub. Customers can avail of the indoor WiMax Hub if they are in close proximity to their local WiMax tower.

Setting up your indoor WiMax 4G Hub is as simple as plugging it in. Once there are 3 or more lights showing at the front, you can then connect your computer to your Hub using the ethernet cable provided. You will be brought straight to the Imagine setup page when you open your internet browser where you can follow the simple steps to create your account. Once you are fully setup you can then begin using the WiFi provided by the Hub. You can refer to the Quick Start Guide provided to help you along the way.

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Outdoor WiMax 4G Hub

Sometimes, depending on your coverage area and proximity to your local WiMax tower, it is necessary to avail of the Outdoor WiMax 4G Hub. If you need to avail of an outdoor Hub, a professionally trained member of the WiMax broadband team will install this for you and attach it to a wall on the outside of your home.

The outdoor Hub is used to ensure you get the best signal possible from the WiMax tower in order to avail of faster broadband connection speeds.

The outdoor Hub is then connected to a separate WiFi unit inside your home which allows you to access the internet wirelessly.

Getting the best from your WiMax 4G Hub

Your signal strength is indicated by the green lights on the front of your Wimax Hub. You will know you are getting the optimal service from Imagine WiMax if all four light are on.

An important factor in ensuring that you get the maximum signal strength possible from your WiMax Hub is its location.

Positioning your Hub using these simple tips will have a positive effect on your signal strength:

  • Next to a window
  • Upstairs or positioned at height
  • To an area of your home that is closer to the local WiMax tower

There can also be different factors affecting the quality and range of the WiFi signal from WiMax Hub even if the actual speed between the Hub and the WiMax tower is strong. These can include dense obstacles such as brick walls or baby monitors and even microwaves. You will get the strongest signal if working in the same room as the WiFi source.

Remember, connecting directly to your WiMax 4G Hub using the ethernet cable provided can ensure faster speeds than if you were connected using only the WiFi signal.

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