Q Sat satellite broadband services

Q Sat is an Irish company offering satellite broadband services for residential and business customers in both Ireland and the UK.

With a multitude of packages available, its aim is to ensure that every customer gets a deal that suits them and provides them with the service they need.

Its broadband service requires a satellite dish and a modem, while an additional router is capable of providing wireless connections. Q Sat uses a KA band satellite called Hylas 1, which is the first technology of its type to be used in Europe.

Q Sat broadband packages

There are three Q Sat broadband packages on offer, all providing services that are both affordable and reliable.

The Essentials package provides a data allowance of 8 GB per month.

The Everyday package has 15 GB of data, while the Family package has 20 GB of data although both packages include a free off-peak usage allowance period between 2am and 8am where broadband usage is unlimited.

This unlimited usage is in addition to the data package chosen, and represents a significant saving for people who wish to leave downloads running overnight.

Each satellite broadband deal is designed to give the customer the best internet experience and it’s possible to upgrade a package at any time to increase allowance.

Benefits of the Q Sat service

Due to the Q Sat service operating via Satellite technology, it can be a more accessible service to areas of the country that may previously not have had such a reliable connection, or indeed any connection at all.

Therefore, for people located in remote areas of the country, Q Sat’s broadband packages open up a whole range of opportunities for people to experience the internet and truly benefit from it.

There’s also the option of including a wireless router and avoiding having many wires stretching to all corners of your home.

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Niall Quinn, Chairman of Q Sat

Niall Quinn, former Republic of Ireland footballer, is the Chairman of Q Sat.

He decided to set up Q Sat Broadband when he moved to a new home near Naas which wasn’t served by the fibre broadband providers.

Using satellite instead of cables has enabled Q Sat to bring reliable low cost broadband to thousands of homes and businesses, spread across every county in Ireland.


Wireless routers from Q Sat include built-in security measures to prevent others from accessing your services and personal files.

The process of protecting this information is kept as simple as possible and relevant instructions are provided with all Q Sat products.

Security software is also vital when connecting to the internet with both Firewall and anti-virus software recommended.

Ensuring that the latest Microsoft System Updates or Apple Mac Updates are installed can provide better protection against spyware, viruses and hackers.


If you chose to move house, you can easily transfer the Q Sat service to your new location.

A Q Sat installation team will ensure that switching addresses goes as smoothly as possible.

This does require an early notification to the company, but it is the best way of ensuring the service remains uninterrupted.

Should any issues arise, Q Sat’s customer care team are available Monday through Saturday to answer any queries and solve any problems.

Making the switch to Q Sat

Switching to one of Q Sat’s broadband packages is simple and the installation is carried out in full by an experienced engineer.

They’ll provide information on how the services work and on all the benefits you can enjoy with the new service.

The welcome pack includes further additional information and provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that customers may have.

Every part of the installation is carried out for you and this makes the entire process hassle-free.

Q Sat satellite broadband services offer a new approach to accessing the internet in Ireland, with a range of packages ideally suited to meet any needs.

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