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Sky+ boxes – a simple guide

A Sky+ box is the ultimate accessory for your TV, so why not treat your entertainment unit and your family to all of the exciting viewing opportunities that a Sky+ box brings?

With state of the art surround sound, access to the impressive Sky programme, the ability to record two programmes simultaneously – even from your smartphone if you’re on the go – and the capacity to pause and rewind live TV, a Sky+ box revolutionises the way we watch TV, leaving the standard viewing experience severely lacking in comparison.

The Sky+ box also has built in WiFi capability which allows it to be connected to any broadband router wirelessly. This makes it even easier to enjoy On Demand TV.

Has your interest been piqued? Is your curiosity aroused? Great – now all that’s left to do is choose the perfect Sky+ box for your needs.

Sky+ box

The original Sky+ box may be the foundation for all-singing, all-dancing newer models, but it’s certainly not short of exciting features that radically transform the standard TV viewing experience.

If badly timed bathroom breaks result in you missing a crucial element of a storyline or if social commitments lead to multiple missed episodes of your favourite show, rest assured that a Sky+ box allows you to pause and rewind live TV and record a whole series at the mere touch of a button.

With 250GB of space to record Sky TV, 185 hours of standard TV or around 60 hours of HD TV, storage space is plentiful. As well as being HD and 3D ready, you can control your Sky+ box on the move with the Sky+ app and connect it to any broadband router via the built in WiFi or ethernet cable for immediate access to TV On Demand.

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Sky+ HD box

As the bigger brother of the Sky+ box, the Sky+ HD box has all the same features of the Sky+ box and offers plenty more. Truly bringing TV to life, the Sky+ HD box boasts five times more picture detail, vibrant colour and stunning sound.

With a HD pack included, you will be enjoying pictures that are razor sharp, alive with colour and accompanied with unbelievable digital sound. With up to 63 HD channels available, the Sky+ HD box offers the widest range of channels in Ireland, ensuring that you are never short of something to watch.

The Sky+ HD box is ready for 3D, can effortlessly record an entire series and allows you to pause and rewind live TV, so you’ll never miss a moment of the TV you love.

Sky+ HD 2TB

The Sky+ HD2 box is the ultimate Sky+ box and comes with more add-ons and exciting features than you can shake a stick at. The Sky+ HD2 box matches the Sky+ HD box in terms of what it has to offer and then some.

With six times more personal storage than the Sky+ HD box and 1.5TB of space to record Sky TV, space is the least of your worries. The Sky+ HD2 box provides up to 350 hours of storage for your favourite HD TV, compared with 60 for the other two boxes, or up to 1180 hours of standard TV (compared with 185) and 500GB of space for a selection of On Demand TV. This means you are able to record more than two week’s worth of HD TV!

Straightforward Installation

The installation process is quick, simple and painless. An engineer will arrive at a specified time, advise you on the placement of your dish and get you set up in less than an hour. You will then be given a demo on how to use Sky TV. Then all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and explore your new Sky TV package!

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