Sky+ HD guide

When it comes to home entertainment we are always looking for the next big thing, and at the moment that big thing is high definition.

Delivering picture quality that really has to be seen to be believed, HD TV transforms your viewing experience every time you sit down to watch something.

With a clarity that is up to five times sharper than a regular picture, once you’ve made the switch to HD you’ll never be able to go back.

Sky HD

There are a number of TV providers that offer HD subscriptions, but none are as comprehensive as the Sky HD package.

With super sharp pictures, Dolby surround sound and more choice of programming than anyone else, Sky HD is a great choice for TV viewers in Ireland.

Sky offers a range of HD packages to suit almost any budget, with some packages giving you access to up to 63 HD channels, including the latest sport and new movies.

Key features of Sky+ HD

By combining Sky+ with the broadcaster’s HD service, you can create the ultimate home entertainment experience.

With a Sky+ HD box you get all the superb features of Sky’s popular on-demand services and ‘pause and rewind’ functions, but in stunning high definition.

Sky+ HD lets you pause and rewind live TV, to ensure that you never miss any of the high-def action, while you can record programmes and even series-link whole TV series at the touch of a button.

The Sky+ HD box has enough space for 60 hours of HD TV, or a bumper 185 hours of standard TV, while also giving you access to Sky’s On Demand service at no extra cost.

The On Demand service lets you watch your favourite TV shows and movies whenever you want, without increasing your monthly subscription cost.

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How to get Sky+ HD

To start enjoying Sky+ HD you’ll need to get a Sky+ HD box, subscribe to a Sky HD package and make sure you have a TV that’s HD-ready.

You can check if your TV is HD-ready by looking for the ‘HD-ready’ logo or calling the manufacturer, then you’re ready to start enjoying high definition and all the extras that come with Sky+ HD.

There are a range of different Sky HD packages to choose from, with one suited to almost every budget. The basic package will offer seven HD channels, while up to 63 can be accessed with the more complete packages, including exclusive channels like Sky Sports F1 HD and Sky Atlantic HD.

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