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Sky Hub: An overview

Sky Hub is the new wireless router from Sky, giving Sky broadband customers the opportunity to connect to the internet wherever they are in their home.

With an increasing number of subscribers to Sky broadband, a Sky Hub router is likely to feature in homes across the length and breadth of Ireland.

The Sky Hub offers a wireless broadband connection which is available free with the Sky Talk plan. Read more about the Sky Hub in our guide to the wireless router below.


Sky Hub: What exactly is it?

Sky describes Sky Hub as its ‘best ever wireless router’, utilising Sky Smart Signal technology to find the best wireless signal within your home at any given time.

Plugged into your master phone socket, having a Sky hub in place will mean that whenever you need to access a broadband connection at home, for tasks ranging from doing the weekly shop online to watching a movie, you will be able to do so without your device needing to be directly connected to the hub.


The main features of the Sky Hub

The compact Sky Hub features a sleek modern design with rounded corners and a matt finish in silver. As well as featuring 4 Ethernet connection ports (10/24Mbps – megabytes per second) and an ASDL2+ port to connect the phone line for Sky Broadband, the Sky Hub can automatically switch to low power mode when not in use before returning to full power when users connect to the internet.

Broadband speeds available through the Sky Hub will vary from area to another. In Ireland, the hub is currently capable of a broadband speed of up to 24Mbps and Sky has an online Broadband Connection Speed Finder that will help Sky customers to establish broadband speeds where they live.

Setting up the Sky Hub

Setting up your Sky Hub can be done in a three-step process. The first step involves using the micro-filter provided to plug your Sky Hub into your master phone socket. Once this is done simply follow the instructions set out in the set-up guide, which will include completing the secure Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

Once you have found your wireless network all you will need to do is push the button on your router to establish a connection.

The Sky Hub set up guide can be downloaded as a PDF from the Sky website, which also has a Help and Support section to help answer many of the common questions associated with your Sky Hub set up.

What else can I use the Sky Hub for?

As well as using Sky Hub to establish a wireless broadband connection, you can also use the Sky Hub to unlock the features of Sky’s On Demand service – with no additional monthly cost to your Sky TV.

Sky’s On Demand service allows users to enjoy more than 500 movies, TV box sets and more at no additional cost for Sky TV customers on any basic Sky TV package.

Those who have a Sky Hub will simply need to use an ethernet cable to connect their compatible black Sky+ or Sky+HD box to their Sky Hub wireless router.