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Sky Multiscreen: A simple guide

Sky Multiscreen enables the whole family to be entertained as it’s possible to watch different Sky TV channels on a number of different screens. It can be watched on the main TV screen as well as in another room (ideal if you have more than one TV at home) and can be viewed on four compatible devices – from smartphones to laptops and tablets. Content can also be downloaded to be watched anywhere, even if an internet connection is not available when you want to begin viewing.

What do you need to enjoy Sky Multiscreen?

In terms of what you need, the most important aspect is a Sky Multiroom subscription which you’ll need for every room that you want to watch Sky TV in. The Sky HD Multiscreen box comes in addition to your main Sky+ box, and means you can enjoy your favourite programmes on another TV in another room. Setup charges may apply though so it’s worth checking.

Sky Go Extra is included with Sky Multiscreen at no additional cost which allows you to enjoy all the best programming on additional devices. All you’ll need is a WiFi connection to stream content live or to download content to watch back at a later date – especially useful if an internet connection is not always available.

Why consider Sky Multiscreen?

Not only does the package enable you and your family to watch the TV you love but there will no longer be a fight for the remote every time a certain show is on or programmes clash. Sky Multiscreen includes a seven day programme guide – the same as the one on your Sky+ box – so you’ll be able to plan your viewing and never miss your favourite programmes because they clash with someone else’s viewing choices.

Reminders can be set on the 3D ready Sky HD Multiscreen box so you never miss the shows you want to watch while parental controls can limit the content available to kids; ensuring they only watch the TV that is suitable for them.

By downloading popular movies and shows on selected portable devices you’ll also be able to entertain yourself in any location across the country.

The setup process

A Sky engineer will visit your property to install Sky Multiscreen for you while your new viewing card and Sky boxes are sent via post to your door. You’ll need these ready when the engineer arrives. Internet enabled boxes will also need to be connected to verify that all boxes are in use at the same address.

As soon as everything is set up and connected you’ll be able to enjoy all of the services available with the package, from Sky Go Extra to all the regular viewing options from Sky TV channels.

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