Read our useful FAQs on Sky TV to answer the most popular questions relating to their digital TV service:

  • What do I need to do to get Sky TV?
  • What do I need to have to order Sky?
  • What do I need at my home to get Sky installed?
  • When can I get Sky installed?
  • What types of channels are available on Sky?
  • What is the difference between each Sky box?
  • Can I watch a different channel in another room?

What do I need to do to get Sky TV?

You must first of all decide what type of viewing package you want from Sky TV – options include ‘The Original Bundle’ with a variety of comedy, drama, lifestyle, arts, documentary channels; ‘The Variety Bundle’, includes all of these with additional music, documentary and breaking news channels.

You can also add packages such as ‘Sky Cinema’ , ‘Sky Sports’ and ‘Sky HD’ for extended viewing. Next, select a Sky box to meet your needs. The Sky+ box allows you to do all of this and to record, rewind and pause TV programmes and even record an entire series of programmes. The Sky+ HD box lets you watch and record a wide range of HD channels while a 1TB box will record 740 hours of programmes.

You can also decide if you want to opt for Sky Multiroom whereby different channels can be watched in different rooms at the same time. With Multiroom you now get a Sky HD box, the first box is free.

To order Sky TV online or by phone, check out our dedicated Sky Ireland page.

What do I need to have to order Sky?

Sky can be ordered by anyone in Ireland who is over 18. You must have a bank account in order to set up a direct debit from Sky Ireland and if you do not own the premises you are living in, you must seek the permission of the landlord before installing Sky.

What do I need at my home to get Sky installed?

In terms of equipment at your home, you simply need a landline which your Sky box will be connected to. The Sky engineer will supply any other equipment such as a mini-dish and box set.

When can I get Sky installed?

You choose a day when you would like your Sky installation to take place. Simply inform Sky as to what date fits your schedule and they will organise an engineer to call to your home.

What types of channels are available on Sky?

Sky TV packages carry a wide variety of channels covering subjects such as drama, comedy, lifestyle, documentaries, arts, science fiction, music, movies, sports, kids entertainment and news among others. The channels include Sky’s own branded channels as well as exclusive channels such as Sky Atlantic, along with popular Irish, UK, US and international channels.

The list of channels does vary from the ‘The Original Bundle’ to ‘The Variety Bundle’ with additional choice featured within the latter.

Sky Cinema has a large choice of films on offer ranging from old movies to new releases with specific movie channels for genres such as science fiction, drama, comedy, action, family, modern greats, classics and indie from their own branded channels along with other well known movie channels such as MGM, TCM and Film 4.

Sky Sports features a variety of channels that are dedicated to broadcasting live sports action from the top sporting events from around the world. With everything from live soccer to rugby, Sky’s own branded sports channels are extremely popular with Irish viewers while additional sports channels from other companies such as EuroSport are also usually included.

The introduction of HD TV means your favourite channels and programmes are now available in stunning High Definition.

To get all of these channels via Sky TV, visit our dedicated Sky Ireland page.

Sky Digital Boxes

What is the difference between each Sky box?

The Sky+ box includes advanced features that allow you to record singular programmes or entire series. You can also do this recording online or on your smartphone so you have a strong level of control over your viewing. A Sky+ box also lets you pause and rewind live TV so you need never miss any part of your favourite programme.

The Sky+ HD box gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits of a Sky+ box along with ability to watch a wide range of HD channels along with Sky On Demand. With the Sky+ HD box you can get up to 185 hours of standard TV or 60 hours of HD TV storage capacity to record your favourite programmes.

The Sky+ HD 2TB box provides you with all of the features of the Sky+ and Sky+ HD boxes with the advanced feature of providing up to 6 times more personal storage than regular Sky+HD boxes. This equates to 350 hours of HD TV and 1180 hours of standard definition TV.

To find out more details about which Sky box to choose, visit visit our dedicated Sky+ box guide.

Can I watch a different channel in another room?

The Sky Multiscreen service lets you have two separate channels available in two different rooms. This is a subscription service from Sky which provides a separate Sky box for each room that you require a different channel to be viewed from at the same time.

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