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Virgin Media Phone app explained

With lots of us on the move these days, and the increasing penetration of mobile phones, the use of home phones is probably becoming a bit less common.

However, for some of us - especially with relatives further afield - a home phone is still important in terms of keeping in touch with loved ones if we want to avoid sky-high mobile bills.

Now, Virgin Media customers can have the best of both worlds with the Virgin Media Phone app.

What is the Virgin Media Phone app?

In short, the Virgin Media Phone app allows you to use the minutes from your home phone bundle on your smartphone.

So, this can make sure you get the most from your home phone plan, while also saving you on your mobile bill!

How do I use the Virgin Media Phone app?

Using the app is really straightforward. Simply:

  • Download the Virgin Media Phone app through the iTunes or Google Play store;
  • Open the app and login using your MyVirginMedia username and password; and
  • Pick the person you want to call from your contacts list and chat away!

Not only can this save you at home, you can also use these minutes while abroad, which could save you on roaming bills! Just make sure you are connected to WiFi to avoid paying extra data charges for using the app.

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