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Virgin Media TV guide

Home entertainment has come a long way since the days when a select few terrestrial TV channels were all that we had to enjoy.

Viewers now have access to endless amounts of fantastic TV, movies and sport at the touch of a button, while recording and on demand features give us access to what we want, whenever we want it.

TV services like Virgin TV have become hugely popular in Ireland, bringing hundreds of channels, on-demand features and recording technology to your TV.

The Virgin TV box gives users access to TV-based web apps and a variety of TV and movies with Virgin Movies and Boxsets. And all of this comes within a sleek and intuitive user interface that makes watching and using the service a dream.

Key Virgin TV benefits

The Virgin TV service gives customers a number of innovative TV-viewing features and benefits designed to make ‘watching the box’ as enjoyable as possible, including:

  • Virgin Movies and Box Sets: exclusive must watch box sets and movies straight from the cinema.
  • Virgin Catch-Up: all the Irish catch up players available at the press of a button.
  • Virgin Start Over: don’t miss the start of your favourite TV again.
  • Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch your favourite TV anywhere, anytime.

In addition, with Virgin TV, you can record up to four programmes at once, so nobody misses out, while series linking means you only have to worry about remembering to record once – the box does the rest.

Other Virgin TV box features

In addition to the features mentioned above, you can also watch Netflix directly through your Virgin TV box, simply by going to channel 300.

On top of this, you can access apps like RTE Player, 3 Player and TG4 Player so you can catch up on all of your Irish TV directly through the Virgin TV box.

A unique & highly visual user interface

One of the most enjoyable and innovative features of the Virgin TV service is the unique user interface that Virgin Media has created for its customers.

Designed with simplicity and style in mind, customers who are new to the service will be able to use the interface with ease within minutes.

Using vibrant graphics and stunning imagery, the interface even makes browsing for TV shows an enjoyable experience. When browsing through the Virgin TV service, the current programme you’re watching will remain in the background to ensure you don’t miss a thing, while cutting-edge technology allows for lightning-fast channel switching.

The TV Guide feature allows users to plan their viewing schedule up to 15 days in advance, setting recordings and reminders. It also lets viewers search for shows by TV channel or genre, to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Virgin TV Anywhere app

Customers who sign up to Virgin TV will also have access to the Virgin TV Anywhere app completely free of charge.

This app lets you watch live TV and on demand content on your smartphone, tablet or laptop while also viewing the seven-day TV guide and browsing on demand options.

With the app, you can also ‘remote record’ TV shows, so even if you’re out and about you can still tell your Virgin TV box to record your favourite show.

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