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Your guide to Sky’s Catch Up TV service

Gone are the days when you need to rush back from somewhere to catch your favourite shows as Sky TV customers can take advantage of catch up services.

Sky’s Catch Up TV means everyone can get up to speed with the hit shows, while there’s plenty of other premium content to enjoy.

TV box sets can go direct to your TV, as well as the possibility of watching on the move with Sky Go, leaving the best of the Sky TV Bundles at your fingertips.

What is Sky Catch Up TV?

Sky customers can enjoy programming from 43 Sky and non-Sky channels, including a wide range of entertainment channels.

The top shows from Sky1, Sky Living and Sky Arts, as well as other content from popular channels such as TV3, Channel 4, MTV and the Disney Channel are all available.

Sports fans can see the best action from Sky Sports 1,2,3,4 and F1, while the latest blockbusters are all available to customers with Sky Cinema Packages.

Additional channels are constantly being added so that Sky customers can enjoy all of the TV that they want to watch depending on the TV package purchased.

Sky On Demand includes hundreds of hours of the biggest shows from all of the major channels and it’s all available via your Sky+ HD box.

There are TV box sets and other content available and it comes at no extra cost for Sky+ HD customers.

What you need to get it

Sky’s Catch Up TV service can be accessed with all Sky+HD boxes and some newer Sky+ boxes. Your box needs to be connected to your broadband router.

This can be done with a Sky+HD box that has WiFi built in, or via an Ethernet cable connection.

You do not need to be a Sky broadband customer as it is possible to connect to your Sky+HD box with a broadband router supplied by any broadband provider.

Remember however, that any download limits or usage limits may still apply, depending on what package you have, so it’s important to check these aspects with your broadband provider.

The online connection also provides access to Sky On Demand and the wealth of programming available via this platform.

It’s all available at the push of a button on your TV remote and all content can be accessed from the menus on the Sky planner.

Customers with older Sky+ boxes (white boxes) or Digiboxes (black or white) will not get On Demand or Catch Up services however. If you are uncertain which Sky+HD box you have, press services on your Sky remote and scroll right to Settings.

For those wishing to watch TV on the go, On Demand programming is also available via Sky Go, which requires a compatible smart device.

This could be a laptop, tablet or smartphone and means customers can get the best of what the Sky Original Bundle has to offer.

What is included?

With channels constantly being added to the current total of 43, there is something for everyone on Sky’s Catch Up TV service.

Shows such as Modern Family, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones can all be found, while other massive shows such as Boardwalk Empire and The Wire are also available.

It means customers can choose between drama, action, comedy, entertainment and children’s shows, as well as a whole host of other content.

Movies can be enjoyed at an earlier stage than anywhere else, with Sky Premiere offering the latest blockbusters, fresh from the big screen.

Other catch up TV services including 4oD and 5 On Demand can be accessed too – all that’s needed is a compatible Sky+HD box.

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