Guide to satellite broadband in Ireland

Struggling to get fibre or ADSL broadband where you live? Satellite broadband could be the answer.

What is satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband is a type of broadband that is set up in your home through the installation of a satellite dish - the internet feed is then transmitted to the dish by a satellite. Because you don’t need a phone line or fibre connection, this can be a good option for people in rural areas.

Satellite broadband providers in Ireland

One of the main providers of satellite broadband in Ireland is bigblu, formerly known as Europasat.

Best satellite deals

The Konnect Bronze Unlimited plan from bigblu is the cheapest one on offer at the moment, at €29.99 per month. This comes with speeds of up to 16Mb.

Cost of satellite broadband

Satellite broadband plans start from as low as €29.99, but make sure you look at installation fees and connection costs too, before you sign up. With bigblu (formerly Europasat), a €49.99 one-off activation fee plus €49.99 professional installation fee applies.

You should also remember that - unlike other types of broadband - satellite packages will have a cap on downloads, so it’s important to take a look at these to make sure the plan you go with will suit for your broadband usage.

Why do you need satellite broadband? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The major benefit of satellite broadband is that - because laying cables is not necessary - it can provide an internet connection to any home. This means that it could be a good option for you if you’re living in a rural area and you don’t have access to fibre, and you don’t want to install a phone line.

The main disadvantage of satellite broadband is that the speeds you get won’t be as good as what you would achieve with fixed-line broadband. You’ll also have a cap on downloads, while many fixed-line plans now offer unlimited data.

What are satellite broadband speeds like?

In general, satellite broadband won’t give you speeds as fast as fixed-line broadband - the fastest satellite plan in Ireland at the moment provides broadband speeds of up to 50Mb.

Can I get satellite broadband in my area?

It’s possible to get satellite broadband in most areas - take a look at our satellite broadband comparison to see what plans you can avail of where you live.

Alternatives to satellite broadband

If you need superfast broadband, it’s likely that satellite broadband won’t work for you. If this is the case, you could consider ADSL broadband or fibre broadband, if its available where you live.

How can I get satellite broadband?

In order to get a satellite broadband plan, firstly compare all of the deals available in your area. When you’re doing so, think about:

  • Price, including any introductory discount and the follow-on costs.
  • The broadband speed you need.
  • Data limits, particularly if you like to stream music or video via the internet, as these use up a lot of data.
  • Any set-up costs.

Signing up is straightforward - simply fill in an application form, and your new provider will be in touch. If you already have broadband, make sure you contact your current provider and give them the relevant notice to cancel your account.

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