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HD broadband explained

The quality of video and audio is often referred to as high definition, high def, or most commonly HD. When applied to broadband, it means a package that delivers this type of media in the most effective way. For example, HD TV broadband packages generally consist of a super-fast broadband connection, with TV on-demand, and a films element.

The advantage of using HD broadband

Downloading HD movies using just a standard broadband connection can take a very long time, possibly over 24-hours. However, using specially tailored super-fast broadband, this can be reduced to a matter of a minutes, and you have the added benefit of being able to watch HD television as well.

File sizes for high definition content tend to be large, which in turn could rapidly use up a large amount of your monthly allowance. With a HD broadband service, an unlimited monthly download limit is typically part of the package which helps ease any concerns of exceeding your monthly allowance and incurring hefty additional fees. It allows you to make the very best use of the entertainment available on the internet.

Where can I get HD broadband?

You can get HD broadband services from the following suppliers:

To receive UPC you need to live in an area within UPC’s cable broadband network. With UPC’s fibre powered service you can receive super-fast broadband. Unlimited download allowances are available which provide users with an unrestricted service.

Sky’s broadband services are relatively new to Ireland and is designed for heavy users of the internet. Sky’s Broadband Unlimited service uses the ADSL broadband system to provide connection speeds of up to 24Mb, and unlimited data downloads.

Sky digital television offers over 100 free to air channels, on top of the option to receive a TV package tailored specifically to your own viewing requirements. They have dedicated sports channel deals, and movie channels are available as part of a TV and broadband bundle.

Sky is received via satellite and therefore requires the viewer to have a digital set-top box. Sky’s television packages come with a choice of 3 different boxes to choose from.

Who uses HD broadband?

HD broadband is ideal for heavy users of the internet, especially those that like to download films with high quality picture and sound facilities. Using a super-fast broadband service provides the best in home cinematic experience.

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