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Making the most of WiFi with your iPad

The Apple iPad and other tablet devices have changed the way in which we consume multimedia content. By enabling the user to access entertainment content from iTunes while also proving to be useful for productivity, the iPad bridges the gap between laptops and mobile phones.

iPads can access the internet through WiFi, with some models offering 3G/4G mobile broadband support. To connect to mobile broadband, you will require a SIM card from a mobile broadband provider.

If you dont want to enter into a contract with a mobile broadband provider, then you can also use your broadband connection at home, provided your broadband router has WiFi connectivity, to allow you to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Free WiFi hotspots are becoming increasingly more available in popular public places, as well as free WiFi access on trains and busses. This means that it is getting even easier to enjoy internet access through your tablet device.

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The difference between an iPad and a laptop

Instead of a physical keyboard and mouse, iPads make use of touchscreen technology to allow the user to interact with the device. Text is inputted through a virtual keyboard which automatically appears on the touchscreen when appropriate. However, physical keyboards are also available, which connect to the iPad through a dock accessory.

Why use an iPad?

Most people can benefit from the convenience of a tablet device such as an iPad. Here are a few examples:

When you commute

If you travel often, or simply have to use public transport to get to work, you may find an iPad to be very beneficial to you. Through iTunes you can download a variety of multimedia content, including e-books, games, films and music. An iPad can make an otherwise dull journey more enjoyable.


The iPad also serves as an e-reader; a device that allows you to download and read books. The big advantage here is that you can download and have access to thousands of titles across different genres, all from one device. Apple also offers an application called ‘iBooks’, which allows you to select from a virtual library of books for free.

iPads also mimic the feel of a book due to their size and lightweight design. Furthermore, due to the touch screen technology, to turn a page you simply tap or swipe your finger across the screen.

Films, TV and music

Standard model iPads come with a 9.7 inch screen, which can display in full high definition. This makes it ideal for watching video content. There are a variety of free and paid applications available to download and stream music through your broadband connection.

Gaming apps

iTunes boasts a huge library of games across different genres. Major game developers see the potential in the mobile gaming market, so there are constantly high quality new releases available.

Applications explained

The word ‘app’ is short for ‘application’, which refers to modular software which can be downloaded through iTunes onto your device. Apps provide a variety of functionality, including games, streaming video, word processing and more. Due to the ease of publishing an app, many independent developers are creating software for the iPad, leading to many pieces of innovative software available for download.

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