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What is 200Mb Broadband? - A Guide to 200Mb Broadband

Over 80% of Irish households have access to the Internet, a figure that has been gradually increasing in the last few years. While Internet has traditionally been provided over the telephone line, companies such as Virgin Media, eir, Sky, Vodafone and Pure Telecom offer fibre-optic broadband, a service which allows users to make use of a dedicated server and cabling infrastructure.

This technology is capable of allowing customers to make the most of their Internet connection in order to start streaming the latest films, uploading home videos or downloading their favourite music albums rapidly.

200Mb broadband, available from a range of providers, means that users no longer have to wait for videos or websites to load, allowing them to enjoy a seamless experience, while also increasing their productivity, helping them to work more efficiently.

What does a 200Mb broadband connection mean to users?

While all kinds of broadband connections can, by definition, provide users with very high download and upload speeds, a 200Mb fibre-optic broadband plan allows customers to use online services, such as Skype or YouTube, without having to worry about latency or loading screens.

By using this service, it is possible to download a 1Gb two hour film in about one minute. 200Mb also allows users to quickly download HD TV series and stream movies using services such as Netflix without having to wait for buffering. At the same time, it is possible to host a multiplayer game from a PC or video game console, instantly download music albums from iTunes or video chat with family members or co-workers.

Where can I get 200Mb broadband?

Virgin Media provides many different Internet bundles for clients to choose from. Compare all Virgin Media broadband packages on Switcher.ie now.

While a high percentage of Irish families have already subscribed to a broadband connection, it is still important to note that some areas are not able to fully take advantage of this new technology. If you would like to check whether this service is available in your area you can use the location checker on Switcher.ie.

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