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Best broadband deals

Deciding which broadband package is best for you isn’t always a simple task. The truth is, a one-size-fits-all package just doesn’t exist when it comes to broadband because people can have very different habits when it comes to using the internet.

What is the right broadband deal for me?

Broadband deals - If you’re new to the whole broadband package arena, then you’re probably best sticking to a broadband deal that doesn’t require lots of technical knowledge to set up and has good customer support on hand should you need it.

Unlimited broadband - If you are already a veteran of broadband bundles, and are a fan of streaming music, movies or playing online gaming, then you need to find a broadband deal that doesn’t penalise you for high usage, while also offering you the highest speeds.

Broadband only - If you use your mobile phone for calls, and watch TV via a streaming service or a free-to-air service, like Saorview, a broadband-only deal could be right for you.

Broadband and home phone - If you use your home phone, you may want to look at bundling your broadband and phone together as it could save you money.

Broadband and TV - Likewise, if you currently have a TV package as well as broadband, you could consider bundling the two products together and getting them from the same provider. Generally this works out cheaper and you’ll only need to deal with one provider in relation to your bills.

Fibre broadband - If you’re looking for fast broadband, you might want to consider a fibre connection. Providers offering fibre can provide speeds of up to 1000Mbps, which is considered ‘lightning speed’.

Home broadband - If you have a tech savvy family that uses all sorts of internet enabled gadgets then a faster broadband connection is better so that it doesn’t struggle if there are lots of broadband users in your home.

Mobile broadband - If you like to connect to the net on the go, then it’s worth considering investing in a broadband package mobile deal. Mobile broadband providers supply you with a ‘dongle’ or modem that you connect with your laptop to access the Internet, wherever there’s mobile phone coverage.

A need for speed

It helps to be aware that the advertised broadband speeds of all providers might not necessarily be what you actually receive. Factors such as the number of broadband users can dictate speed at peak times, as well as how far you live away from the telephone exchange and the quality of the cables. However, with these in mind, see below for a run down on broadband speeds currently on offer.

Super-fast broadband - Super-fast broadband can hit speeds up to 1000Mbps. Provided only in areas with cable or fibre optic broadband, the packages which offer these speeds tend to have an unlimited data allowance, which is great for taking advantage of those quick speeds.

Fast broadband - Cable and fibre optic connections aren’t required here, so this middle ground will still allow you to download and stream at a respectable pace. During peak times you might want to lay off the streaming.

Cheap broadband - Does what it says on the tin. If you’re just interested in light browsing, checking emails and watching standard definition videos on YouTube, then this will do the job for a price that is easy on the wallet. Be aware though, if you want to download or stream HD videos, you’re likely to encounter lag and buffering.

Data allowance limits

We’ve already mentioned data limits, but it’s also something you should consider. If you have a high speed broadband package, chances are you’ll want to make sure your allowance is on the high side, if not unlimited. Some ISPs will charge you if you go over your limit, so be wary of signing up for budget packages with low allowances if you think there’s a chance you might go over as some data charges can mean you end up paying more for your broadband package than you counted on.

The customer is always right

For peace of mind, look for the highest rated provider in your area. You want someone who can sort out technical issues with minimum fuss, and who won’t fob you off with excuses if there are problems. Visit our broadband provider page to find out all you need to know about the wide selection of broadband providers available in Ireland.

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