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Best Broadband for online gaming

If you’re a keen gamer looking to get the best online experience, then you need to check broadband connections, download speeds and data allowances very carefully to ensure you’re getting the best possible service.

Here are a few things to look for:

Fast download speeds

The first things to look for are fast download speeds and fast connections. The quicker you’re able to connect, the lower your latency will be. Latency is how long it takes you to touch base with the game server and reducing this means that the motion shown in the game will be fast enough for you to respond and interact as appropriate.

Super-fast broadband is an ideal option for gamers and you should avoid any slower or heavily restricted speeds in broadband packages.

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High download allowances

Online gaming isn’t just about speed; it’s also about quantity. You’ll need to download a large amount of gaming data so it’s important your download limits are sufficient to cover this.

Unlimited broadband packages are probably the best option here and you should look for packages which combine this with super-fast broadband connections for the ultimate online gaming experience.

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Strong and reliable broadband connections

As well as getting the speed and broadband allowances of your connection right, you need to make sure the connection itself is strong and reliable. Research internet service providers thoroughly and check their reliability and performance.

You may also want to look into the contention ratio. This is the number of people who share the same broadband connection and those on cheaper packages often find they’re placed on a single line which has a high ratio – meaning more competition.

Online gaming works best with low contention ratios and you can find out what yours is by contacting your internet service provider.

Broadband packages to avoid

While the above has dealt with key features to look for when choosing broadband for online gaming, it’s vital that customers know what to avoid as well. Here are a few broadband packages which aren’t suitable for gamers:

Mobile broadband

This type of broadband uses a 3G or 4G connection, and while the speed and coverage is improving over time, it is still a little less reliable than ADSL broadband. Mobile connections generally offer lower broadband speeds and allowances and going over these allowances will incur hefty fines.

Satellite broadband

Higher latency times on satellite broadband mean that it is not suitable for many online games. Turn-based games like chess may work sufficiently well, but anything which requires fast reaction times will find satellite broadband too restrictive.

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