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Irish Broadband Suppliers

Ireland has a variety of Internet providers supplying broadband services to the majority of the country. Some of the top suppliers in Ireland include Virgin Media, Vodafone, eir, Imagine, and Magnet amongst others and the market has become very competitive in recent years with new providers such as Sky entering the market.

You can view the top home broadband packages by provider below:

All broadband providers offer a range of packages and services to the Irish market and it is important that you choose the right package to meet with your specific needs. Read on to find out more about the type of broadband available in Ireland:

  • ADSL broadband
  • Cable broadband
  • Wireless broadband
  • Mobile broadband

ADSL broadband in Ireland

ADSL (an abbreviation for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is available within the majority of regions in Ireland via telephone line. This is one of the most popular methods in which to receive broadband. ADSL broadband connections rely on existing phone lines to provide the service which means there is no need to to install a second line or any external equipment or wiring in your home.

Providers of ADSL include:

The broadband supplier will most likely provide you with a modem or router in which to receive the broadband service which can then be accessed via internal cable connections to a desktop computer or laptop.

Depending on the modem / router you receive from the supplier, you may be able to set-up an internal wireless signal within you home so that additional devices such as a smartphone, tablet device or laptops can access the service.

This type of broadband may be available within a bundle from your existing phone line provider who may offer you a package that includes landline and broadband together. There are different types of packages available too so it is worth taking the time to select a package that suits your Internet usage.

Cable broadband in Ireland

Depending on where you live in Ireland, cable broadband may well be an option that is open to you. Cable broadband is usually supplied using the same technology that provides a cable TV service to your home.

This type of service is only available within areas where cable TV operators are already supplying customers. The broadband is received via the same cable connection that supplies the cable TV service and the company in question will usually provide a special modem which will allow you to access the service.

Similar to ADSL providers in this country, suppliers of cable Internet broadband in Ireland are now offering attractive packages which bundle your cable TV, telephone and broadband services under one monthly payment.

Cable broadband is available in Ireland with the following providers:

Wireless broadband in Ireland

Wireless broadband is gaining in popularity in Ireland and offers a good alternative to customers in areas where perhaps ADSL or cable broadband isn’t available. Wireless broadband is usually received via the transmission of a signal to a small antenna on your house (working similar to a TV aerial) which in turn transmits a signal to a connection point inside. Your home computer or laptop is then connected to this point to bring you a broadband supply.

Urban dwellers may benefit from wireless broadband as services are particularly good in Ireland’s cities while wireless broadband may provide the best coverage option for certain parts of rural Ireland too.

Add in the fact that wireless broadband sends information at the same speed that it receives information (known as a symmetric connection – a function is not available with ADSL or cable broadband) and it is understandable to see growth in the Irish market for this type of service.

Wireless broadband providers in Ireland include:

Mobile broadband in Ireland

Mobile broadband supply has become popular in Ireland in recent years due to the flexibility that it affords to customers. Either a USB modem or dongle can be used to connect a home computer, laptop or tablet device to a 3G mobile phone network without the need for any installation wiring or extra equipment.

The device in question then receives the mobile broadband signal in much the same way as a mobile phone receives a network signal. While the ease of connection is a benefit, the service in Ireland is regarded as being of lower quality than an ADSL or cable broadband connection.

Similar to the above options, mobile broadband suppliers may offer packages that will bundle your mobile phone service in with your broadband service so again, it is worth taking the time to study what is on offer in order to receive a package that meets your individual needs.

The main mobile broadband providers in Ireland are:

  • Vodafone
  • Three
  • eir Mobile

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