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What is quad play?

Get broadband, TV, home phone and mobile phone, all from one provider

Quad play packages are relatively new to the Irish market, but they no doubt appeal to an increasingly digital world. As the demand for quick and easy access to online services increases every day, providers are looking to cash in on this demand by creating a single package that covers every device in the home, as well as mobile devices too.

Quad play packages mean that you can have your broadband, digital TV, home phone and mobile phone all covered by one provider on a single bill.

What is quad play?

In the telecommunications market, quadruple play or quad play, is a term used to describe a combination of services - broadband internet access, digital television, home phone and mobile phone. You may have heard of the terms triple play or dual play before. Triple play is used to describe broadband internet access, digital television and home phone; dual play is used to describe any two of those three services bundled together.

How do I get quad play?

Quad play services are new to Ireland, and currently eir and Virgin Media are the only providers that offers it. Switching to any quad play service and bundling your home phone, mobile, TV and broadband together results in big savings.

Who else is offering quad play packages?

Previously, eir was the only provider offering quad play, but when UPC rebranded to Virgin Media in October 2015, the provider announced the inclusion of mobile to its existing services to celebrate the business transformation.

Vodafone is planning to launch a new TV service that is likely to include a set-top box that offers access to a package of channels. Right now, Vodafone only offer mobile phone, home phone and broadband to customers. However, Vodafone does already offer significant digital video content distributed over their 3G network.

In the UK, Sky announced that it will launch a mobile network in 2016 after striking a deal with Telefonica to piggyback off its network. Presumably Sky will look to eventually expand their mobile network into Ireland. Currently, Sky only offer broadband, TV and home phone.

What can a consumer expect to see over the coming months?

With Virgin Media recently beginning to offer mobile services, Vodafone launching a new TV service, Sky’s expansion plans in the UK, and an ESB/Vodafone joint venture into fibre, the quad play market is going to be very interesting to watch over the coming months.