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A guide to switching Digital TV providers

Are you unhappy with your current TV package, or moving home and need to look for a new provider?

We’ve got information on everything you need to consider if you’re shopping for a new TV deal.

1. What is digital TV?

Basically, digital TV packages are groups of digital, cable, and satellite channels offered by TV providers, usually for a fixed monthly subscription fee.

You can get a wide selection of different TV packages, from ones with a small selection of standard channels, to deals including access to movies, sports and hundreds of cable and satellite channels.

2. Who are the Digital TV package providers in Ireland?

In Ireland the four main providers of paid digital TV services are:

  • eir, with the ‘eir Vision’ box;
  • Sky, with the Sky Q box;
  • Virgin Media, who have the Virgin TV box; and
  • Vodafone, with Vodafone TV.

3. What Digital TV services should I consider?

While in the past, most of us were happy with checking the TV schedules and making sure we were home to watch our favourite shows, things have moved on hugely in recent years.

All of the above TV providers offer TV features like:

  • the ability to pause, rewind and record TV;
  • access to your TV package in multiple rooms;
  • the ability to restart TV shows when you’ve missed the start; and
  • access to on-demand content.

In addition, Sky Q and Virgin Media’s TV box allow you to record up to four shows at one time, and watch a fifth.

Meanwhile, eir, Sky and Virgin Media all allow you to access content on the move, via their respective apps.

There are also loads of other specific features and add-ons from certain providers, like access to Netflix, the ability to add on sports and movie packages, and the option of going for a TV box with even more storage for all your recordings.

Where possible, all of these TV provider also offer certain channels in HD.

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4. Should I bundle my TV with broadband or phone?

This is totally up to you. However, if you do have broadband and/or phone in addition to Digital TV, you will more than likely find you can save money by bundling.

It will also cut down on admin, by consolidating all of these bills into one.

5. How much does a good Digital TV package cost?

The cost of your digital TV package will depend on a number of factors, like whether you go for a standard package with basic channels, or you want a really extensive package with hundreds of channels and access to things like sports and movies.

Your package cost will also vary depending on whether you bundle your digital TV with other products, like broadband and/or phone.

If you’re not sure about what to go for, take a look at our deal checker to see all of the detail about what’s available from each of the providers, including standalone TV plans, as well as bundles, and the costs involved.

It will only take a few minutes to compare deals, so it’s well worth taking the time. You could save hundreds of euro and it’s possible you’ll end up with access to much better channels and services, too!

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